Except Integrated Sustainability
Sustainability consulting, design & development

We realize change that matters, and change that lasts. We tackle sustainability challenges with our partners to make a lasting impact for people, our environment, and investment.

We work with  companies, governments, and communities, guiding them every step of the way. We supply revealing analysis, game-changing strategies, innovative designs, and efficient project management. With lasting, tangible, and inspiring results.

We support  our partners with experience of over 500 sustainability projects worldwide. We love turning complex challenges into new opportunities. We use systems analysis and co-creation methods, including the circular economy and natural capital, and from sustainable urban designs to resilience training.

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Watch the 12 min. documentary short film about Except, A Passion for Change.

“Except is a group of inspired people that works in a very innovative way. With Except's integrated approach they work on highly relevant issues, because they also take health and happiness into account, next to economy and ecology.”
-- Peter Oei
Program director, SIGN / InnovationNetwork
What do we do?
Working areas
Sustainable Places
Sustainable Places
  • Regions
  • Cities
  • Buildings
Sustainable Organizations
Sustainable Organizations
  • Companies
  • Governments
  • Communities
Sustainable Sectors
Sustainable Sectors
  • Agriculture
  • Circular Industry
  • Software & Apps
Integrated Project Management
Integrated Project Management
  • Develop from idea to execution.
Analysis & Strategy
Analysis & Strategy
  • Resilient short and long term action plans.
Concept & Design
Concept & Design
  • Integrated concepts and powerful designs using co-creation.
Business models & Feasibility
Business models & Feasibility
  • Realistic circular business models with true-value integration.
Stakeholder Involvement & Training
Stakeholder Involvement & Training
  • Involve parties throughout value chains for support and impact.
Tools & Software
Tools & Software
  • Work faster and smarter with systemic tools, apps and workshops.
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Meet the Team

Our team consists of 30 multidisciplinary experts from around the world, including scientists, designers, engineers, software developers, and business developers. We're practical and commited social entrepreneurs that love standing by our clients in any challenge.

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