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Energy and cost analysis double and triple glazing

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This small investigation performed in 2008 analyzes various glazing types as to their performance in energetic, cost and quality areas. It focuses on the questions of the energetic performance of glass types (does triple glazing reduce required heating energy,   their environmental impact (are the extra energy and material for fabrication less than its savings), and cost (is it financially beneficial to invest in triple glazing?).

Since the release of this analysis in 2008 several new glazing types have become available that changes the situation in some cases. We can perform evaluations to investigate the best options for a particular case.

The energetic performance is measured using computer analysis software, which also gives us our usage cost. Using life cycle analysis data a comparison is made concerning the environmental costs of the product itself, and a quick cost comparison shows the financial benefits and drawbacks between products.

Introduction from the report:

"In western society buildings can be responsible for more than 30% of the national energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. In the search for solutions to combat these issues and reach the targets of policy agreements, new building materials and construction methods are introduced frequently, as is the case with triple glazing.

In recent years there are movements to make the use of triple glazing mandatory through building codes or performance standards in the Netherlands, instead of double glazing. There are many studies done on triple glazing, but none to compare the actual energy costs and benefits for various comparative products for the Dutch climate.

Therefore Except has initiated a small research project using energy analysis software, basic cost calculations, LCA data and recommendations from the industry to review the consequences and characteristics of triple glazing versus double glazing."

Download the analysis report below.

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