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Wishful thinking

News > It's not true but it might be!

April fools... got you.. :)


Every day we see amazing new developments in working towards a sustainable society. We certainly wish this one was true as well, but in this case, it is just wishful thinking. But, we are working on developing these kinds of ideas, and these innovations may be closer than you think...

We wish you a very bright and smiling future, and Happy April Fools' Day,

The Except team 

Reference Projects

Investment Projects

Cutting edge sustainable development

Our investment projects represent the cutting edge of sustainable development today. They are built on the most promising ideas brought together by our teams, and developed with experienced professionals to ensure success.

With our visionary investors we hope to realize significant change through these projects, set an example of sustainable development, and deliver healthy profits to continue innovating.

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Inspiration Book Sustainable Overschie

Quickscan of potential development options for urban redevelopment

Overschie is a neighborhood in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with unique properties:

  • surrounded by highways and an airport
  • environmentally compromised
  • Public health challenges
  • a village within the city
  • high social capital

Social housing organization Woonstad and the city council of Overschie want to make this neighborhood more sustainable, but where do they start? To answer this question we did a quickscan of the neighborhood to find its opportunities and made a custom inspiration book filled with possibilities to work towards a sustainable city district. Read below for more info, and of course, download the book!

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Greenprint Book

Example book of sustainability in the built environment

Greenprint features over 150 pages of innovations in our homes, cities and daily life. From eco-houses and neighborhoods to streetlamps activated by moonlight, social innovations, urban agriculture and much more. Greenprint shows how sustainability can change your world from the smallest to the biggest scale.

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Except Integrated Sustainability

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