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District heating vision Tilburg

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This project researches a sustainable district heating system in the Dutch city of Tilburg, developed with our consortium partners.

The vision includes both ecological and social sustainability, and functions as the starting point for all parties involved to cooperate toward a sustainable and carbon neutral heat provision.

Vision booklet Verduurzaming Warmtenet Tilburg Future scenario Ingredients of the vision Road map

The vision visualizes the relations between all essential elements and stakeholders of the city's underground heating system, and maps how each potential pathway impacts the desired goals. It offers a clear roadmap for the implementation of its trajectory.

We developed the vision based on precedent research, an expert meeting, stakeholder interviews, detailed business case calculations for different scenario's, and a stakeholder feedback session. We worked with local stakeholders to develop and assess the vision to ensure a commonly shared vision.

The road map enables the implemenation of the vision. The visions document is richly illustrated and great care has been taken to generate insight in the vision and the reasoning behind it.

The vision is developed for:

  • Essent B.V.
  • Municipality of Tilburg
  • Attero B.V.
  • Brabant Water
  • MOED


Note: all published documents are in Dutch.

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