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Opportunity Map Waste Water

Project > 12 sustainable waste water opportunities.

The Opportunity Map Wastewater Processing is a visualisation of the twelve most important sustainable opportunities within wastewater processing. Users will see and discover sustainable opportunities in their municipality or region and find examples to help them.  

The result is an opportunity map that was presented at the Hier Opgewekt congres to the state minister Wilma Mansveld. It was made for the Roadmap Wastewater management towards 2030 with: The Association of Regional Water Authorities, Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten and Det Norske Veritas (DNV). 


Visualizing opportunities

Last year we made the SWIG game, a card game making people familiar with the opportunities and complexities of the waste water chain. This map is a short overview of 12 possible options wastewater processing can provide for city councils. For ease of use, it's categorized in themes such as sustainable electricity, warmth and cold storage, bio-gas, and water as raw material. 

The cover page shows a schematic example of the city of Den Bosch where multiple opportunities and stakeholder work together on a sustainable solution. The centrefold visualises the twelve most important opportunities combined with some explanatory texts. And the back lists built examples for all those opportunities, with effect and explanation of them.

The opportunity map is linked to a UVW website to give further in-depth information.

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