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Stephanie Bartscht





Project Support
Weakness: Surfers
Enjoys: Everything

Areas of expertise:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Project Organization

Location: Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
email: ariana's email



The youngest on the team, Stephi brings charisma and energy to Except. Intrigued by the mutually-reinforcing relationship between consumerism and design, her mission is to divert the eco-wave from a select few and make sustainaiblity a priority and possiblity for everyone. Her vision of design as the foundation of all that we do informs her indispensable axiom of "less is more."

She has hands-on experience building infrastructure and education facilites in Central America and additional design education from Spain and Belgium. Her Bachelor from Leeds College of Art was complemented by organizing music events and campaigning for a plastic-water-bottle free campus.

Using five languages, she will talk to anybody and passionately promote the things that matter to her. With a pen always at hand, if her enthusiasm overwhelms you she can always make you a dynamic graphic that will convey it all.

Her role at Except is as multi-faceted as her background. Give her any task and she'll innovatively illustrate, demonstrate and animate it for any audience, any where and any time.

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