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Integrated Sustainability Workshops

As sustainability becomes more and more of a priority for investors, shareholders, and the general public, both companies and government offices find themselves struggling at times to incorporate this complex subject into their everyday operations and long term strategy.

Except's Integrated Sustainability Workshops get to the core of the sustainability discussion: what's all this about?, what's true and what isnt'?, how do we and our work relate to this?, and how do we properly integrate sustainability in our planning and everyday practice rather than just following the next 'green' trend?

Our workshop is customizable, and we work with you to create an interactive program that suits your office's specific needs, key areas of interest, and target audience (from senior management to general staff).

Some of the many possible focal areas for our workshops include: sustainable design, corporate social responsibility stragies, eco-labels and certifications, policy trends, and the practical implementation of sustainability. However, at the end of every workshop, we strive to leave you with a grasp of the fundamental knowledge and tools required to make sense of sustainability on your own, fully prepared for whatever changes in green trends may be coming down the pipeline.

Most fundamentally, these workshops provide a quick and thorough way to get everyone in your organization up to speed on the latest science and policy surrounding this growing and complex field.




Key topics covered:

Global Issues:

  • History & Development
  • "Sustainability" as a phenomenon
  • Systems thinking & Multi-variate optimization
  • Mapping systems and Life Cycle approach
  • Mental shortcuts for sustainable design
  • Environmental Ethics

Direct implementation:

  • Current approaches & tools
  • Eco-labels and Certifications
  • Evaluation systems & their pitfalls
  • Systems vs Object thinking
  • How to implement sustainability
  • Applications in practice
  • Symbiosis in Design
  • Client Communication

Setup & Availability

Our workshops are led by two experts from our team who arrive on site with presentation and activity materials, including  a comprehensive folder with tools and reference materials. The session can be programmed to last rom half a day through three full days, and is available to groups of 10 – 25 people. They can be given in English or both English and Dutch.

Please contact us for detailed inquiries concerning the program, pricing, availability and setup. A lead time of three months is required for the development of a custom program.

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