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Carbon Assessment and Climate-Neutral Services
CO2 footprint calculation, consultancy and design.

Working towards climate-neutral organizations just got a whole lot easier.

With Except’s climate services, businesses, non-profits, and universities can easily measure and communicate climate impacts in powerful ways that transform carbon liabilities into assets. All services are custom developed to suit the needs of each individual project.

Climate change is one of the largest global challenges. Measuring, reporting, and taking responsibility for your organization’s impacts is an important step on the path towards sustainability.

  • Carbon footprints for organizations and products
  • Carbon Disclosure Reports
  • Customized calculators
  • Life cycle mapping and visualizations
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Carbon-Neutral design
  • Strategic business consulting

Want to know more about Carbon services? Send us an email with your question and a carbon expert will contact you soon.


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Case Study:
Yale University Carbon Calculator

Except worked with Yale University to develop a customized online carbon calculator for the Yale Community Carbon Fund.

The calculator is an intuitive and easy to use website for calculating greenhouse gas emissions from Yale events and operations:

  • Travel and transportation
  • Facility use
  • Waste generation

The site teaches users about climate impacts and guides them to offset climate impacts by supporting energy efficiency investments in local low-income communities. See it in action right here.

Except conducts carbon assessments according to international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO 14064, and PAS 2050. All projects use SiD, Except’s systems analysis approach to ensure relevance and comprehensiveness.


Yale Carbon Calculator

>> Take the Yale Carbon
Calculator for a Spin

Your own calculator?
Except can deliver custom built carbon calculators for your website and custom CO2 offset targets.

Other custom software and websites can be built to calculate a wide variety of environmental performance parameters for any organization.

For more information on how we can do this for you, contact Ariana Bain.