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Vestia is one of the largest social housing corporations in the Netherlands, with over 89.000 houses in their portfolio, 8.000 business units and with 1150 employees. Vestia develops, manages and maintains both the physical structure as well as the social aspects of their estates.

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Vestia and Except work together on developing progressive sustainable area developments. These are aimed at long-term social, environmental and physical improvements, using the strentgh of the areas as their main drive. Their cooperation started with the Schiebroek-Zuid project, which involved urban planning, environmental analysis, stakeholder research and organizing stakeholder involvement events. Their cooperation continues with development on sustainable schools and other housing projects.


Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid

Feb 25, 2021, Redevelopment of post-war social housing

We developed a sustainabile conversion and development plan for the post-war social housing area Schiebroek-Zuid in Rotterdam.  The project provides a flexible and exemplary roadmap for converting the neighborhood into a self-sufficient and sustainable area. It applies innovative energy solutions, urban farming, social and economic programs, secondary currencies, and adaptive redevelopment strategies.

This project was commissioned by housing corporation Vestia and agricultural research network InnovatieNetwerk.