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SEV (Housing Experiments Steering Group) aims to develop innovative responses to social housing issues. In order to achieve this, we are looking for innovative, solution-oriented ideas that open up new horizons. These ideas are subsequently implemented in the form of practical experiments. This way we find out whether the innovative solution is effective in the environment and situation for which it is intended. If the solution is effective in practice and indeed solves a social issue, arrangements are made to introduce the innovation and promote the distribution thereof on a wider platform.

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The SEv and Except have worked together to support the Energy Leap programma, targeted to provide substantial energy savings in the built environment. The particular case focused on stimulating earl-adaptor house woners to renovate their house towards energy neutral standards.

SEV, Except and TNO worked closely together to develop an inspiring and insightful publication, called the House of Energy. Since then, SEV and Except have kept close ties.

Except is working on a professional sustainability mission. By joining the entire spectrum of disciplines, analyzing the process in detail and translating all of that into understandable language. - Machiel Bakx, Programmamanager SEV


House of Energy

Jan 16, 2019, Inspiration Book Energy Neutral Living