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Staatsbosbeheer is commissioned by the Dutch government and manages a sizeable amount of the nature reserves in the Netherlands. They are responsible to manage and maintain 265.000 ha of forrest, nature, landscape, roads and buildings. On an annual base, they welcome 1.000.000 guests.

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During the Leaders for Nature Forum of 2015 government, NGO's, corporations and knowledge institutes worked together to find joint solutions for our most pressing natural capital challenges.

Staatsbosbeheer is one of active green partners that join the Leaders for Nature platform and forum. This is their challenge:  To come up with an innovative business case for nature management that includes inclusive thinking, replacing the traditional ways of compensating industrial or urban development by creating ‘new’nature at a substantial distance from the original, developing area.

Objective is not only to get financial carriers for nature en nature management, but –even more important- to create a sense of belonging and responsibility for a sustainable green environment and its contribution to health and happiness for people living and working in the area.


Vision National Park Oostvaardersplassen

Apr 15, 2019, Framework for Park Management and Nature Conservation

For Staatsbosbeheer  (the Dutch nature management agency), Flevoland Province, and the municipalities of Almere and Lelystad, we developed a vision document for the future development of Oostvaardersplassen National Park in the Netherlands. The document offers a vision, mission, performance goals, and principles for a national park that will be internationally acclaimed by 2030 for its ecological sustainability, societal value, and economic resilience. A accompanying Inspiration Booklet introduces interesting practices from around the world to offer inspiration and specific  ideas for actions to realize the formulated perfromance goals.


Leaders for Nature: Shared Resources, joint solutions

Aug 10, 2016, From awareness to action with the network of IUCN

On 17th April 2015, IUCN organized the Leaders for Nature forum in Eindhoven. Except supported IUCN in a year long trajectory to prepare and guide the Forum in a new format. This included concept development, stakeholder involvement and preparation of the challenges.

The preparations resulted in 10 challenges brought in by the network of Leaders for Nature. Over 150 participants from business, NGOs and government joined the forum. Guided by Except, teams worked on the most pressing natural capital challenges.


Waddenworld UNESCO Experience Center

Aug 14, 2018, World Heritage Center Wadden Sea Lauwersoog

Together with partners  Groningen province, the municipality of De Marne, Staatsbosbeheer and Seal Center Pieterburen, Except developed the concept for the World Heritage Center for the Wadden Sea in Lauwersoog. The concept has the ambition to bring 250.000 new visitors to the region, that will experience and become aware of the intrinsic value of the Wadden Sea and the Lauwersmeer.

The center boosts the local economy by generating more visitors and income for the region. It is an international example of sustainability, and its achievements add to its global fame. Following our concept, in 2018 the center was financed with € 29 million and an architectural design was made by Dorte Mandrup.