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City of The Hague

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City of The Hague

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Spui 70
2511 BT
Den Haag 

De municipality wants to set a good example when it comes to sustainability. That means procurement is sustainable, and municipal buildings are energy efficient. The municipality also stimulates sustainable intiatives, and makes sure they get the space they need in the city.

The Hague wants to be climate neutral by 2040. This means a city that uses as little energy as possible. Required energy is sourced from clean energy sources like wind, water and sun.

To reach this goal, the municipailty works together with its inhabitants and businesses. They do this around themes like: 

  • sustainable transport
  • energy
  • city farming
  • green in the neighbourhood


The Self-driving City

Apr 12, 2017, How autonomous driving benefits sustainable urban society

Self-driving vehicles will change the urban environment drastically. The Self-driving City Research uncovers insights into the major changes, and how to adopt to them. Who will use self driving vehicles, what are their effects on the urban fabric, business, and on us all, the people? We show patterns and lessons learnt as well as five local in-depth case studies. All freely available below. The project is funded by The Dutch Creative Industry Fund, supported with knowledge from local governments, universities and industries.