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At Except Integrated Sustainability, we work on a sustainable future with an integrated approach. That means that we look at innovative and creative ways to contribute to all life we share the planet with, but also find the right partnerships to make that possible. Therefore Except is delighted to have joined the knowledge and partner network ‘The Green City’. 

The Green City promotes greening the urban area by doing research, bringing stakeholders together, and inspiring the general public. Around 20 partners jointly offer innovative and tangible solutions for cities and environments, from idea to execution. Partners are VNO/NCW, Royal Flora Holland, Royal Anthos, Van den Berk boomkwekerijen, LTO Nederland, and municipalities Alphen aan den Rijn and Almere. 

Impact on climate
Greening the urban area has clear benefits on biodiversity in the city, improving the quality of the natural environment as well as on the mood of humans. In addition to that, the presence of trees and green patches have a positive effect on the local climate, and adaptation for a changing climate. The urban heat island effect can be reduced, which means reducing overheating in the urban environment.

Impact on health
The Green City supports research into the benefits of a plant-rich environment and the effects on reducing stress in, amongst others, a hospital. Here, a greenhouse and a garden built for patients and employees  to get away from the stressful hospital environment. Experiments show that treating patients with chemotherapy in the garden can have a positive effect on the wellbeing of patients, by reducing stress. 

Impact on efficiency 
Another great example is the study conducted at Wageningen University that focused on the effects of plants in an office environment. This study showed that people working in a green office worry less about working outside of office hours and sick leave is reduced by 1.6 days per employee per year.

At Except, we were already convinced of this, and that’s why our office in Utrecht has an abundance of special air purifying plants and four trees. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with The Green City and its partners. Soon we’ll announce the first joint projects and events.

Have a look at the other partners of The Green City.


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