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Uplink Web Development & Communication Technologies delivers online solutions in the world of online systems in which we live today. 

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  • Tijn Schmits

    Software Architect & Developer

Except and Uplink set out to create a series of online applications which will dramatically improve the way the world will be able to deal with sustainability challenges, and more. The partnership delivers software and web development services which aim to contribute to a better performance of people, companies and communities on a system-level.

Uplink and Except co-developed innovative and high-quality web environments for both Except and Except's clients.


The Dandelion Project

Oct 10, 2014, Web 3.0 Visual Information Management & Collaboration

Dandelion is a next generation (web 3.0) software application that binds scientific, social and economic data from all over the world in an immersive visual environment. It's like google on steroids, allowing you to visually fly through three dimensional realms of information, putting it at your fingertips and making it useful.

It enables a boost in productivity for knowledge management, research and social connectivity for anyone involved with research and development.

Dandelion is developed in partnership with the Dutch government and Storrm CS consultants.


The Except Website

Jul 20, 2016, Communicating the network

You are currently looking at it: a beautiful and functional website for our happy organization.

Developed by our software architects, web designers and communication specialists, it became exactly what we wanted: snappy, cool, informative and with a back-end that helps us streamline internal communication.