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Except Integrated sustainability.
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Copper8 represents

Copper8 represents sustainability and co-operation. Copper refers to both the word 'co-operate' as well as the metal copper. Copper is recyclable, precious and a vital element in human metabolism. It activates an enzyme that stimulates energy production.The 8 refers to the symbol for infinity, a figure lying on it's side.

Copper8 is a young and innovative consultancy firm with a passion for sustainability. Today competitiveness of organisations is measured not only financially but also socially. Realizing sustainability goals often brings dependencies - dependencies on suppliers and customers. Organising these dependencies associated with these sustainability goals while not losing sight of financial responsibility is our strong suit.

Co-operation between the links in a chain is often essential in realising breakthroughs.
Copper8 intiates and facilitates connections between different disciplines, making sustainable innovations possible. Copper8 assists organisations in realizing and consolidating different modes of intradisciplinary cooperation. By combining the soft elements of co-operating with targets, both organisational and financial, from all parties involved, high impact projects can be realized.

Passionate en dedicated, believing in a different way! Copper8 works with clients in a project setting at organizing and realizing sustainability. We do this in manufacturing by initiating, organizing and consolidating linear and circular collaborations.