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Schiphol Catalyst Office Innovation

Project > Boosting sustainability and health of Amsterdam Airport CBD

We’re working with Schiphol Real Estate and more than 70 stakeholders and experts on boosting sustainability and performance of the Schiphol Central Business District with the concept of a Catalytic multi-tennant office design.

The project realizes an integrated sustainable and self sufficient area, that is a healthy and inspiring place to work, with a footprint of over 20.000 m2 in an unprecedented sustainable and future proof building.


Inspiring, Healthy offices

As an example of a truly catalytic building design, this project delivers a concept for a new office typology that boost the health and performance of people in the offices by as much as 20%. That means that the health benefits alone outweigh the construction costs.

These offices are nothing like the workspaces you’re familiar with, but more like lush gardens with a desk. This typology isn’t just good for its inhabitants, it transforms the areas into centers that close resource loops, that are energy-positive, fully circular in water and waste, and that produce part of their own food. Most importantly, they provide maximized flexibility to adapt to future working conditions through innovative resilience strategies, both in design and in business models. This makes them great investments for the short and long term.

What does that look like? That’s still a secret, but we hope to be able to show you in detail next year. What we can say is that it’ll be a spectacular sight, so keep your fingers crossed for the office-revelation of the decade.


Except Integrated Sustainability

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Client & Partners


  • Albertien Perdok

    Ecosystem Designer
  • Arjan Luiten

    Sustainable Spatial Designer & Architect
  • Bart Stoffels

    Urban planner, process manager
  • Elsa Semin

    Sustainable Cities Intern
  • Libera Amenta

    Urban Planner, Metabolism & Circularity
  • Marta Suanzes

  • Michiel van der Vight

    Senior Associate
  • Mirjam Schmüll

    Urban strategist, process manager