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The Urban ReGen program delivers redevelopment plans for sustainable cities and neighborhoods, integrating all major sustainability aspects in one program. Its approach works across all social, economic, ecological and physical aspects of a city.  

The approach works for large metropoli,  regional centers and small towns. It delivers each, to their scale and capacity, the power of advanced strategic planning, circular economies, healthy and smart cities, renewable energy, and resilient bio-based economies. 

Why develop an integrated urban strategy plan?

With the Urban ReGen program municipalities can boost their resilience and sustainability quickly and efficiently. Developers and city governments can now use the power of systemic regenerative approaches in developing advanced urban strategies and designs for neighborhoods around the world, and implement them more efficiently with this integrated program.


Integrate best practices across all urban areas

The Urban ReGen program integrates the best urban renewal and urban development practices in one holistic development approach. With this, we deliver circular smart and resilient city strategy plans, that are leading in their sustainable performance, and are able to regenerate the environment, social structures, and have long term value development at their core.  With this special program, we can develop these strategies and designs in a relatively short time frame.

These designs boost the use of renewable energy sources, provide clean air and water, generate longer lasting jobs, and make for livable, healthy, and beautiful cities with a stable economy. They regenerate biodiversity and social structures, and support long term healthy, hamonious, and valuable real estate. The outcome of the program creates clear strategies, designs, and partnerships, add significantly to national targets, and open access to national and international funding.

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Reference Projects

Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid

Redevelopment of post-war social housing

We developed a sustainabile conversion and development plan for the post-war social housing area Schiebroek-Zuid in Rotterdam.  The project provides a flexible and exemplary roadmap for converting the neighborhood into a self-sufficient and sustainable area. It applies innovative energy solutions, urban farming, social and economic programs, secondary currencies, and adaptive redevelopment strategies.

This project was commissioned by housing corporation Vestia and agricultural research network InnovatieNetwerk.

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San Francisco Transbay / Salesforce Park

World's largest ecological rooftop park

The San Francisco Transbay Center redevelopment project realizes the world’s largest rooftop park in the center of one of the world’s most exciting cities: Salesforce Park. The concept, developed by Except together with Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, restructures an existing transport hub into a beacon of beauty, biodiversity, and health.  The project started in 2007 and the park opened in 2019.

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ReGen Villages Oosterwold

Masterplan for a self sustaining neighborhood

For ReGen Villages, we developed a globally unique masterplan for a self-sustaining housing neighborhood of 203 houses in the Netherlands. Designed on a 25 hectare site in an area called Oosterwold, just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, it exemplifies affordable, regenerative, and self sustaining living. 

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