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The world is changing rapidly... what about you? You are scanning the horizon looking for smart ways to progress and flourish. But what is the right direction, which solutions really work and which are a dead end? With who do I need to work in order to innovate? How do I combine quick wins with necessary long term investments? How do I create a vision that not only inspires, but also moves people?

It’s not just you asking these questions, but also your clients, partners, and colleagues. Who’s got the answers?

We believe that many answers lie in sustainability. Not the “sustainability” of power-saving lightbulbs or recycled toiletpaper, but real integrated sustainable innovation. What it is, how it works, and why it opens the portals towards prolonged success is what you'll discover in our talks and masterclasses.

Systemic sustainability in action

In the programme participants work on case studies with a totally new view on sustainability. Inspiration, fresh vision, and strategic insight will be the result. We’re using the latest methods, innovation techniques, and research, and add 18 years of experience with integrated sustainable innovation. 

The programs vary from lunch talks to intensive weekend sessions in which we’ll go into more depth on exciting and inspiring locations. We can also happily develop a custom-made program for you and your organization.

Focus points

  1. How do I get more insight in the strategic position of my organization?
  2. What are leverage points to perform better on the short and long term, while at the same time function more sustainably?
  3. How do I involve my strategic partners, so that they commit themselves to my activities?
  4. How do I create sufficient intrinsic motivation and support with my employees?
  5. How do I apply new sustainable insights effectively both today and tomorrow?
  6. How do I achieve return on investments in sustainability?


Our programmes

Lunch Talk
Quick insight

At the lunch talk one of our experts looks at your case. After an introdruction the participants provide input, while our system-illustrator maps what is said. The lunch talk takes a maximum of 2 hours. Everyone is welcome to join, so you can also invite business relations.

Open masterclass (half a day)
Distinguish yourself as an expert

For individuals Except organizes monthly sustainability masterclasses focussing on different topics. Extend your network of expertise and meet specialists who deal with similar topics while exploring the complexity of sustainability.


Team Adventure (1 day)

During this masterclass you take up the challenge to make a distinctive design for your product together with your partners. How can you benefit from systems thinking to distinguish yourself from competitors and make a leap forward?

Team Excellence (3 days)

During this intensive 3-day masterclass you go out exploring, get insight from experts and make an excelling design for your organization to distinguish yourself from competitors. You will also build support for implementing a sustainable growth model.


A customized program can be arranged. Want to know more about these talks and masterclasses? Contact Freek van der Pluijm, he'll be happy to talk to you.


Except Integrated Sustainability

Freek van der Pluijm
Facilitator for Organizational Change

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“I am impressed by the energy, expertise and commitment I see. It hits you personally. Because you recognize the need for transformation to a sustainable society.”
-- Miriam van Gool
IUCN Interim manager Leaders for Nature
“Except offers a flexible and complementary team of experts in different fields that together create magic.”
-- Matthieu Leroy
Matthieu Leroy; Sustainability Specialist at IKEA