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Arjan Luiten


Sustainable Spatial Designer & Architect

Arjan Luiten

Weakness: Good spicy Indian food, especially food from a real tandoor

Enjoys: Space & People

Areas of expertise:

  • Sustainable spatial design
  • Shifting between and associating spatial scales
  • Observing and critical review

Professional Titles & Liaisons:

  • Architect (Architectregistry the Netherlands)
  • Master degree in Architecture, Building and Planning (Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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Arjan Luiten is an engaged, creative and enthusiastic strategist and spatial designer with a taste for reassembling existing, apparent self-evident propositions. An engineer who seeks crossover solutions built on his skills as an architect and urban planner with objectives in sustainable development. With conviction he's searching for intrinsic sustainable design.

With a background in architecture and urbanism and an interest in sustainability he came from a more object orientated profession to the understanding that sustainability requires a system approach and innovative design principles. In order make our footprint more sustainable we must identify and evaluate all coherent and underlying issues and topics (e.g. ecology, space, culture, financial, energy and goods). Subsequently all these issues combine to a system-level that is reviewed and enhanced by its sustainable merits.

Arjan has a Master degree in Architecture, Building and Planning from the Technical University of Eindhoven and is registered as an architect at the architects registry (1.070315.031)


Crystal Forest Office

Nov 10, 2017, Zero-Energy Warehouse Retrofit

This exciting office-jungle in a glass cocoon is an energy-neutral plug-in retrofit for empty industrial real-estate. It integrates all facilities and luxuries an exciting co-operative office environment can wish for today.

The Crystal Forest is a modular system that can be built and removed quickly on virtually any location, is entirely self-contained, and offers a feasible business case for a wide variety of real estate challenges, including adaptive re-use of industrial hertiage.


Hortus Celestia

Jul 16, 2019, Vertical farm & office tower

The Hortus Celestia is a vertical farm tower, designed for Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. The tower rises 28 stories high above the greenhouse-filled landscape, offering 14 farming floors with embedded expo centers.

The tower functions as a demonstration center for innovative Dutch greenhouse industry partners, and attracts international visitors from around the globe.


Schiphol Catalyst Office Innovation

Jan 05, 2019, Boosting sustainability and health of Amsterdam Airport CBD

We’re working with Schiphol Real Estate and more than 70 stakeholders and experts on boosting sustainability and performance of the Schiphol Central Business District with the concept of a Catalytic multi-tennant office design.

The project realizes an integrated sustainable and self sufficient area, that is a healthy and inspiring place to work, with a footprint of over 20.000 m2 in an unprecedented sustainable and future proof building.