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Darina Krutiy

Graphic Designer

Darina Krutiy
Darina Krutiy

Weakness: chocolate and cakes

Enjoys: walking, cooking and (anything related to) dogs

Areas of expertise:

  • industrial design
  • visualisation
  • design thinking

Location: Rotterdam


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Darina is excited when it comes to discovering the 'why' of things and getting down to the core of the problems at hand. 

Darina's workspace consists of unrealistic amount of post-its, empty and full coffee cups and doodles everywhere. Over time this mix is transformed in requirements analysis, user insights or new ideas, depending on the project she is working on. Her creativity sources lay in talking to people and taking walks outdoors.

She attended art school (drawing) for 7 years of her life, which makes it dangerous to leave whiteboards, papers and other surfaces unattended. Darina enjoys visualizing concepts and processes.

The greatest satisfaction from any project lays in knowing that her work made life of someone better or easier than before.








May 04, 2020, System modeling and simulation software

Symoto is an online software application that enables the development, simulation and monitoring of large scale material and energy cycles, such as urban metabolism, industrial symbiosis and the circular economy.

Symoto enables organizations to save vast amounts of time modeling and simulating systems, perform in-depth dynamic analysis and boost stakeholder communication.