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Jeroen van der Vlist


Office Manager

Jeroen van der Vlist
Jeroen van der Vlist

Areas of expertise:

  • Creating and maintaining  an overall picture
  • Visualizing complex thoughts and ideas
  • Editing and layouting reports and presentations
  • The cold
  • Gaming
Guilty Pleasure:
  • Cheese. And gaming.


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Jeroen is an all-round professional in the built environment with experience in management. At Except, he is responsible for the office strategy. Hands-on experience with a creative company provides him with the necessary know-how to make sure everybody can focus on the things they want to do, and help them with the things they don’t.

Jeroen has a background as an urban designer, having studied Urbanism  at the Delft University of Technology and having worked as a designer at an office for urban planning and landscapearchitecture. During the former, he developed a passion for general DTP-work, and designing reports and presentations in particular. During the latter, he was appointed as de facto office manager, while maintaining his expertise in edit and layout work. Jeroen not only has a feeling for creative processes, but also for numbers and spreadsheets, a combination of which comes in especially handy for his role as office manager for Except.



Jan 09, 2018, World Heritage Center Wadden Sea Lauwersoog

Together with partners  Groningen province, the municipality of De Marne, Staatsbosbeheer and Seal Center Pieterburen, Except developed the concept for the World Heritage Center for the Wadden Sea in Lauwersoog. The concept has the ambition to bring 250.000 new visitors to the region, that will experience and become aware of the intrinsic value of the Wadden Sea and the Lauwersmeer. The center boosts the local economy by generating more visitors and income for the region. It is an international example of sustainability, and its achievements add to its global fame.


No Time To Waste

Feb 27, 2018, Jump-starting the LC Packaging sustainability journey

LC Packaging serves customers across the globe with packaging products to protect, preserve and transport goods. Except was requested to assess its baseline sustainability performance.

At product level we examined reusing Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) and found a significant CO2 emission reduction potential. At corporate level we investigated energy and water use, waste generation and CO2 emission. See below for our main findings.