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Zuza Nazaruk

Creative Communications

Zuza Nazaruk

Areas of expertise:

  • Solutions journalism
  • Creating engaging narratives
  • Media theory
  • Network governance
  • Policy design

Professional Titles:

  • BSc. Management of International Social Challenges


  • Complex challenges of social importance
  • Writing
  • Reading, learning, discussing
  • Natural skincare

Guilty Pleasures:

  • Dancehall
  • Cheese

Through her writing, Zuza seeks ways to engage in meaningful dialogue on issues of social importance. Her writing encompasses journalism, academic research, and creative writing. Present in her every creation is the need to build a more inclusive society and an aversion to well-worn conventions, especially the mental ones.

While sensitive to any form of social injustice, she finds sustainability the defining issue of our times. She is fascinated by the interconnectedness of politics, economics, and culture on issues of sustainability, and by the fundamental change needed in all these aspects for a sustainable transition to succeed. Her approach is people-centred, with a special lens on the underprivileged.

She’s able to transform complex social and environmental issues into tangible, convincing narratives. Social scientist with a curiosity for the natural world, she grasps the intricacy of sustainability topics and presents them in an informative, only slightly urging way. Her international experience allows her to approach complex and controversial issues with intercultural subtlety.

She thrives in multidisciplinary teams where members can build on each other’s knowledge. Her special talents include interviewing, event production, and the art of improvising.