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Vandhana Kannan


Vandhana Kannan

Areas of expertise:

  • Building materials
  • Circular design
  • Urban mining

Professional Titles & Liaisons:

  • BSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences


  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Nature
  • Music

Vandhana has been passionate about sustainability for as long as she can remember. Over the years, this passion transitioned from small-scale environmentalism to a much deeper desire to address the problem at the root cause, from within the industry. Vandhana chose to study the built environment because she realized that this was key to influencing people’s mindsets and to making everyday life more sustainable, especially considering the rise in urbanisation.

Vandhana has worked as the lead of sustainability in a student team at university, where she aided the design of a solar-powered, sustainable house, which furthered her interest in the field of circular design in the building industry. She strongly believes that urban mining is the way to go, and that designers and the industry have a big role to play when it comes to shaping the lifestyles of individuals.

Vandhana is currently finishing her BSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology.