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Claudia Cammack

Sustainability Research Specialist

Claudia Cammack

Areas of expertise:

  • Data Analysis
  • Biotechnology
  • Microbial Ecology



  • Foraging for mushrooms
  • Playing tennis
  • Camping and Nature

Claudia began her path in sustainability during her bachelors education, where she discovered her love for connecting nature and science. However, she found that she was never satisfied with only knowing how the individual parts worked, and instead, wanted to understand how they interacted in a system. This is where her passion for sustainability and systems thinking began, as she could combine her knowledge and love of biology with innovative and multidisciplinary approaches. She enjoys bridging the gap between the theoretical and practical and aims to solve complex sustainability issues by looking through an ecological, social, and economical lens.

She is currently finishing her MSc in Environmental Biology at Utrecht University with a specialization in Ecology and Natural Resource Management.