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A puzzling opening to a new windpark

Involving other people in your initiative is a crucial step towards a successful outcome. At Except, we know this. Even the most brilliant plans that are created at the drawing table will fail to materialise if you haven’t shared them with the right people at the right time. And: in the right way.

We can help you organise and execute the sharing of initiatives and the embedding of initiatives within the already existing context. You could involve us late on in the process, perhaps for a celebration of already achieved results, or earlier on, before plans have fully materialised, such as for the starting of a participation process.

Many forms are possible, such as:

  • game design, including card games and puzzles
  • stakeholder round table
  • impact visualisation
  • video & animation
  • symposium
  • network meetings (“unconference”)
  • world café & open space

From specialists to full service

Depending on your needs, we can provide a distinct service as part of an event or organise the full event. We have partners that provide or make (live) music, decoration, food and drinks. 


As you might expect from a company like Except, the events that we organise have as small a footprint as possible and we are transparent about it. We source locally & ecologically and do not serve meat. We believe that offsetting ecological impact by planting new trees is a poor alternative to actually lowering your ecological impact, which is what we focus on. Quality and fun, without the negative consequences. 


Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid

Redevelopment of post-war social housing

We developed a sustainabile conversion and development plan for the post-war social housing area Schiebroek-Zuid in Rotterdam.  The project provides a flexible and exemplary roadmap for converting the neighborhood into a self-sufficient and sustainable area. It applies innovative energy solutions, urban farming, social and economic programs, secondary currencies, and adaptive redevelopment strategies.

This project was commissioned by housing corporation Vestia and agricultural research network InnovatieNetwerk.

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Greenprint Book

Example book of sustainability in the built environment

Greenprint features over 150 pages of innovations in our homes, cities and daily life. From eco-houses and neighborhoods to streetlamps activated by moonlight, social innovations, urban agriculture and much more. Greenprint shows how sustainability can change your world from the smallest to the biggest scale.

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Climate Adaptation Governance and financing

Working conference

We brought together 60 participants of Dutch municipalities, Waterboards and business to discuss climate adaptation in a working conference.  What are the curent complexities in adapting our living environment to extremes in heat, drought and rainfall? These adaptations are often complex, multi stakeholder and multidisciplinary. How do we manage these effectively, including aspects such as finance?

The conference resulted in clear calls  for action for various players in the decision chain, from national platforms to finance institutions, and are rolled out with support of the Dutch Ministery of  Infrastructure and the Environment.

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Except Integrated Sustainability

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Client & Partners

“Except offers a flexible and complementary team of experts in different fields that together create magic.”
-- Matthieu Leroy
Matthieu Leroy; Sustainability Specialist at IKEA
“Except is a group of inspired people that works in a very innovative way. With Except's integrated approach they work on highly relevant issues, because they also take health and happiness into account, next to economy and ecology.”
-- Peter Oei
Program director, SIGN / InnovationNetwork