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Supply Chain Analysis & Optimization

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Except analyzes supply chains for their sustainability impact, reviewing financial, logistical, and social factors in addition to standard biophysical metrics. In our globalized economy, there is hardly a company that can consider itself independent from the international flow of materials, products, services, and people.

With goods exchanging hands so frequently, we often lose insight into the true costs, risks, and environmental impacts of the things we purchase from this global exchange system. Supply chain analysis sheds light on these complex interactions and what lies hidden between them. From these, we can determine effective steps towards impact improvement of your organization as a whole, by optimzing the supply chain.

Mapping the system

Supply chain mapping is the first step in this  process. It consists of mapping the supply chain both upstream (suppliers) and downstream (customers and consumers). These are often translated in beautiful visual maps that allow teams to oversee the whole supply chain. They create oversight and insight.

Determining impact

From this qualitative mapping, we determine where the largest imapcts are using the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework. We prioritize big impacts to quickly find potential improvement areas.

Setting improvement actions

Once we know the major impacts, we can set out an improvement pathway/ By looking at the whole supply chain, we can find ways to improve performance by managing the stakeholders, suppliers, and customers. This often saves time and money compared to only looking at the organization's own impact, and can yield better results.

Sypply chain mapping and optimization can be part of a larger trajectory of sustainable organizational  transition. rerad more about   our A to Z programs here




Except Integrated Sustainability

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“We've experienced the collaboration with Except as very positive and inspiring. They really dive into our question and find custom and suitable solutions. They don't just deliver a product, but participate in the process and engage the context. ”
-- Gerben in 't Hout
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“I am impressed by the energy, expertise and commitment I see. It hits you personally. Because you recognize the need for transformation to a sustainable society.”
-- Miriam van Gool
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