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Libera Amenta

Urban Planner, Metabolism & Circularity

Libera Amenta

Areas of expertise:

  • Urban Design & Planning

  • Urban Regeneration

  • Metabolism & Circularity

Professional Titles:

  • Five year degree in Architecture with Honours, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

  • Ph.D Urban Design and Planning, University of Naples Federico II  (Ph.D Guest Researcher at TU Delft)

Enjoys: Travelling, cats & curious people

Location:   Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Naples (Italy)


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Libera is a curious and ambitious urban designer and researcher, with international experience, specialized in  innovative solutions to improve urban metabolism & circularity.

In Except's team, Libera brings a sharp eye for strategic choices in spatial and urban challenges, mixed with experience in circular and re-use scenario's. Libera is looking for optimal ways for sustainable urban developments dealing with resource scarcity. She believes that cities can do more with less, working towards circular growth. Libera specializes in the regeneration of degraded urban areas.

Libera holds a five year degree in Architecture with Honours and a Ph.D. in Urban Design and Planning in recycling of Wasted Landscapes as a resource for contemporary cities. Besides her work at Except, Libera is a guest researcher at the TU Delft where she researches urban regenerations through urban metabolism and towards circular economies. Since graduation, she has researched new life-cycles for damaged landscapes in metropolitan areas, at the Department of Architecture (DiARC) of the University of Naples Federico II. At DiARC, Libera tutors students as an expert in Urbanism.


Waddenworld UNESCO Experience Center

Aug 14, 2018, World Heritage Center Wadden Sea Lauwersoog

Together with partners  Groningen province, the municipality of De Marne, Staatsbosbeheer and Seal Center Pieterburen, Except developed the concept for the World Heritage Center for the Wadden Sea in Lauwersoog. The concept has the ambition to bring 250.000 new visitors to the region, that will experience and become aware of the intrinsic value of the Wadden Sea and the Lauwersmeer.

The center boosts the local economy by generating more visitors and income for the region. It is an international example of sustainability, and its achievements add to its global fame. Following our concept, in 2018 the center was financed with € 29 million and an architectural design was made by Dorte Mandrup. 


Schiphol-Oost Pioneer Park

Aug 14, 2018, Vision and strategy for sustainable transformation of a business park at Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was born at Schiphol-Oost, over 100 years ago. Today it is a business park that could use more atmosphere and vision. With limited identity, it does not distinguish itself from other business parks in the surrounding area. In collaboration with Schiphol Real Estate (SRE), Except developed a vision and strategy for Schiphol-Oost for the coming 5 to 10 years. The vision transforms Schiphol-Oost to an innovation-garden for the entirety of Schiphol, named Pioneer Park.


Schiphol Catalyst Office Innovation

Jan 05, 2019, Boosting sustainability and health of Amsterdam Airport CBD

We’re working with Schiphol Real Estate and more than 70 stakeholders and experts on boosting sustainability and performance of the Schiphol Central Business District with the concept of a Catalytic multi-tennant office design.

The project realizes an integrated sustainable and self sufficient area, that is a healthy and inspiring place to work, with a footprint of over 20.000 m2 in an unprecedented sustainable and future proof building.



Arkna Eco-Park Masterplan

Nov 23, 2019, Self sustaining tourism community in Estonia

In Rakvere, Estonia, we developed the masterplan for the 671 Ha self-reliant Arkna Eco-Park. The park is built on a historical site tracing back to 1527, and becomes a primary tourist destination in the country, including a Polydome sustainable agriculture system.  

We worked with  Arkna Eco-Park to build a complete masterplan template for years to come, including its marketing strategy, identity, logos and brochures, closed loop metabolism, food system, event program, and design guidelines.