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Miya's Sushi

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Miya's Sushi

Gevestigd in New Haven, CT, USA, op 61 Howe Street

web: http://miyassushi.com

Miya's Sushi is een prijswinnend Suhsi restuarant in New Haven, CT, in de VS, wat wordt geleid door visionaire chef Bun Lai. Het is een van de meest duurzame restaurants ter wereld. Het is opgericht in 1982 door Bun's moeder. Except en Miya's hebben samengewerkt om de operatie en het menu van Miya's te verduurzamen op een originele en aansprekende manier.

Hieronder een review van Miya's door het culinair tijdschift Savoy:

Because man cannot live on rice alone.

"On Friday, because the universe requires such meetings, I introduced ----- to Miya's, the home of weird sushi in New Haven. This is a restaurant where you can order rolls made with curried tuna, goat cheese and cranberries; or krill, mozzarella, honey, banana, and burdock; or shrimp, potato skins, and havarti cheese; and they work. Do they ever. And they are all named things like the Water Piglet Roll, the Bad Tempered Geisha Boy, the Bestu James Bondo Ever Roll... You get the idea. We ordered a plethora of sushi based generally on the strangeness of their components (and the occasional classical Japanese literary reference) and were not disapointed. I should have stolen a menu so I could describe precisely what we got and what went into it, but I was particularly impressed by whatever ----- ordered that flat-out shouldn't have worked - it was krill, mozzarella, et cetera deal and Gaudior's vegetarian roll with havarti cheese. This is a restaurant that has a record of Puccini's Madam Butterfly in the ladies' room and never worries about anyone stealing it. Miya's is worth its insane expense." Savoy. 2006


Miya's Sushi Fish Menu

Okt 10, 2014, Sustainable fish at a glance

Miya's Sushi in New Haven, CT, has been our favorite restaurant for years, and for good reason. Miya's is a home away from home that produces award winning fusion sushi that places heaven on your tongue, while being the forefront of social and environmental sustainability.

To aid in this, we produced a menu with graphic maps of the unique fish selection of Miya's for internal and external use.