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Renske Kroeze

Social scientist & systems thinker

Renske Kroeze

Weakness:  Anything sweet
Enjoys:  Gaining new insights

Areas of expertise:

  • Systems thinking
  • Psychology & neuroscience
  • Public policy
  • Healthcare
  • Training & facilitation
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork

Location:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Renske is working on a sustainable society from a human-centered perspective. With a background in public policy, psychology and process facilitation, her aim is to transform the state of psychological and societal systems and transforming the status quo towards a healthy and resilient mind and an equitable society.

She does this by analyzing problems from a holistic perspective as well as developing innovative solutions that help shift towards a sustainable state of these systems, like in for example healthcare.

Within Except, Renske is currently working on our unique methodology Symbiosis in Development.