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Monica Visniuc


Industrieel Ecoloog

Monica Visniuc

Areas of expertise:

  •  Industrial  Ecology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Energy efficiency for the built environment
  • Quantitative  modeling

  Professional Titles:

  •  MSc. Industrial Ecology
  • Dipl.  Ing. Sustainable Agriculture


  •  Traveling to exotic countries
  • International cuisines
  • Long walks in nature

 Guilty pleasure:

  • History documentaries


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As an Industrial Ecologist, Monica applies a systematic approach to deliver solutions for sustainability problems. This implies integrating engineering, environmental and social science perspectives for identifying, designing and evaluating solutions to sustainable development.   

As an engineer, she is passionate about researching and applying the latest practices and technologies about sustainable agriculture, while understanding the ecosystem services and the relationship between organisms and their environment.

 While pursuing one of her passion in life – traveling, she observed first hand the need for sustainable development and the inequalities that the world is facing, especially in developing countries. Therefore she continued her environmental education, and studied Industrial Ecology (IE), the scientific field of sustainability, and dedicated her career to building more sustainable societies.

 Using the IE approach, the  behaviour  of complex integrated human/natural systems is mapped and understood, and the sustainability issues are examined from multiple perspectives: societal, environmental, economic and technological.

 In Except Monica discovered a dynamic team sharing her passion and dedication for sustainability, that uses an innovative approach in accelerating the frontier to sustainability.   At Except, she is creating tools aimed at improving the operation of multinational corporations, performs energy and material flow analyses, and creates strategies for complex challenges.

 She applies the same passion for sustainability in her personal life, where during her volunteer work with WWF she brings awareness for local communities on how to live a more sustainable life. She also works closely with educational institutions in providing knowledge through events and presentations for the next generations of sustainable minds.


Serenity Farms

Nov 19, 2019, Sustainable food production in arid regions

Serenity Farms is a concept for a sustainable 30 ha greenhouse facility for profitable food production in arid climates. It produces food on unproductive land, using only sunlight and seawater. The core of Serenity Farms is a modular facility producing the annual fresh food nutrition needs for over 60.000 people. It sources and treats water from renewable sources exclusively such as seawater, and is fully powered by the sun. This way we produce healthy, consistent, high quality fresh produce for people that currently have no direct food source, increasing food security, and greatly reduce carbon footprint.