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Matthew Fraser

Industrial Ecologist, Designer

Matthew Fraser
Matthew Fraser
Matthew Fraser

Professional titles:

  • M.Sc Industrial Ecology (TU Delft/Leiden, the Netherlands)
  • B.Des Industrial Design (O.C.A.D., Canada)

Areas of expertise:

  • Transition management
  • Industrial symbiosis and urban metabolism
  • Sustainability communication strategy
  • Serious gaming
  • Design methodologies

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands



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Sustainability problems force us to deal with complex and interconnected concepts about how our society works. Matthew understands that the need for an integrated and interdisciplinary approach is vital in developing resilient solutions.

Combining his ability to dissect and analyse complex problems using a systems perspective, and to think imaginatively like a designer, Matthew finds his passion in developing strategies and transition pathways that allow organisations to become more resilient, responsible, and profitable.

In addition to his creative and analytical skills, Matthew is driven by a pragmatic approach to working with clients. Understanding the needs and desires of stakeholders, communicating complex information in an intuitive manner, and iteratively crafting an optimal solution are critical ingredients to a successful working relationship.

Matthew has a Master of Science in Industrial Ecology from Leiden and Delft, the Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Design from Toronto, Canada.


DNV Afvalwaterketens

Okt 11, 2014, Visie voor Nederlands Afvalwater

This project is a visual exploration of the Dutch waste water sector in 2030. It takes a closer look at the role of waste water processing facilities for the provision of clean water, renewable energy, and valuable material inputs for society of the future.

The vision for 2030 concerns the role of waste water management in four major parts of society: the built environment, agriculture, industry, and natural lands.


Stadsdromen van Vlaanderen

Okt 10, 2014, Een nieuwe visie op woningbouw in Vlaanderen

Duurzame Stedelijke Gebieden - 2015 Wereld Review - WWF

Mrt 01, 2018, Leren van 11 voorbeeldige eco-wijken