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Ariana Bain, MESc


Tom Bosschaert




Industrial and Urban Ecologist
Weakness: Cookie Monsters
Enjoys: Running in Traffic

Areas of expertise:

  • Industrial Ecology
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Business Strategy
  • Network Theory and Complexity
  • Political Economy

Location: New Haven, CT
email: ariana's email



Ariana thrives on finding tangible and quantifiable ways to represent, synthesize, and communicate seemingly disparate ideas like, “industrial” and “ecology”. She is in love with the world and harbors a deep respect for small creatures like worms, ants, and fungi. She firmly believes that many of life’s most pressing questions evade pure quantification and she emphasizes the need for justice and beauty.

She excels at guiding individuals and organizations through understanding our interconnected world. Her projects have tracked scrap dealers through India, followed coffee beans in the Nicaraguan campo, started the first university-level sustainability education program in Bangladesh, and created strategic sustainability plans for corporations in the US. Ariana offers Except backrubs and yoga instruction in exchange for inspirational interdisciplinary collaboration.

Ariana holds a MESc in Industrial Ecology from Yale University and a BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies from Wesleyan University. She is a 2011 Environmental Leadership Program Fellow. Her work on social networks and industrial symbiosis was presented at the 2011 International Society of Industrial Ecology conference, and she has coauthored two recent academic journal articles: Industrial symbiosis and waste recovery in an Indian industrial area and Assessing the “short mental distance” in eco-industrial networks. Over the past seven years, she has worked as a consultant, a research fellow, a professor, and a farmer.

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