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Bob Geldermans MSc.





Industrial Ecologist / Consultant
Weakness: Tearjerkers
Enjoys: Mixing obscure funk tunes

Areas of expertise:

  • Industrial Ecology
  • Closed Loop Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Area Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Location: Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
email: ariana's email



Maybe even more than researching & consulting, Bob likes to see strategies operationalized. This tendency must be linked to Bob being initially trained as an artist/designer. No matter which level of abstractness, Bob will swiftly translate the subject under investigation into a visual representation, preferably followed by a plan of approach. In that respect it is not surprising that Bob actually built some of the architectural models he created in the past himself.

Alongside creative and analytical abilities, this pragmatic approach has been highly useful in consulting trajectories and project management, as well as in interpreting -and combining- sustainability concepts. The system's approach 'virus' Bob caught during the study Industrial Ecology got strengthened by his research period in Japan, where holistic views upon the building process further shaped this way of thinking.

Furthermore, knowledge distribution with regard to the current energy transition has been a main occupation over the last years, i.e. by setting up a knowledge & learning platform surrounding innovative urban planning projects, for the Dutch governmental agency Agentschap NL. Bob has a BA in Fine Art from the Utrecht College of the Arts, and a Masters degree in Industrial Ecology from Delft and Leiden Universities. Over the last couple of years Bob has given several presentations in the Netherlands and abroad.

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