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Carlos Camara Ortiz, MSc.


Carlos Camara




Business Developer
Weakness: Caffeine
Enjoys: A sense of communion with nature while climbing

Areas of expertise:

  • Industrial ecology
  • Innovation economics
  • Process engineering
  • Mathematical modeling

Location: Guadalajara,
email: carlos's email



There is enough information available. But that alone is simply not enough. If all available information could be organized into knowledge, then it’d be a different story. Carlos is a strong believer in the power of knowledge. He also believes that human capital can change the world. He thinks that, since technology is applied knowledge, then technology could be used as a vehicle for change and improvement, to bring society closer to sustainability.

Carlos can brew delicious beer, untangle and understand an industrial system in a few minutes, scale huge rocks, use mathematics to represent a system, and sketch a market’s behavior on a supply-demand curve, among a few other tricks. Being an engineer, Carlos finds it natural to approach problems as systems. Defining and understanding these systems feels more like playing than working to him.

His experience includes working as master brewer at a microbrewery, managing supply chain projects at a computer manufacturing company, doing research on industrial ecology in academia, and being commercial manager at a human capital firm.

Carlos holds an MSc in the Economics of Science and Innovation from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, in Spain; and a BS in Chemical Engineering from ITESO, in Mexico.

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