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Floor van Bovene, MSc.






Business developer

Weakness: Chocolate
Enjoys: People, Life, Nature

Areas of expertise:

  • Sustainability Assessment & corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Strategy
  • Communication

Location: Leersum,
the Netherlands
email: Email Floor



Floor brings positive energy, creativity, sensitivity and commitment to Except. Together with her obsession for details and urge to deliver only ‘perfect’ material she can be described as a highly communicative analytical.

Content wise, Floor is a generalist. A generalist who is passionate about bringing sustainability and mindfulness to society. During her Bachelor Biology she focused on ecology, human and animal behavior, and developmental biology.

Through her Master Science & Business Management she gained knowledge in the different fields of business and learned how to conduct scientific research. During her final internship she was introduced to the concept of sustainability in the corporate landscape, and her passion was born.

Previous work experiences comprise developing carbon impact tools, customizing performance measurement tools, and sustainability marketing.

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