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Jacob Verhaart, M.Sc.


Tom Bosschaert




Industrial Ecologist
Weakness: Talks too much when enthusiastic about something and doesn't know when to stop.

Enjoys: BBC documentaries and art-house films

Areas of expertise:

  • Industrial Ecology
  • Sustainable building
  • Renewable energy
  • Aircraft systems
  • Mobility

Location: Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
email: ariana's email



Jacob is a very curious researcher, always wanting to know everything there is to know about a subject. His first word after "mama" was "why?".

That condition never got better. He is fascinated by nature, architecture and technological marvels. He would like to get to know as much as there is to know about sustainability. In the end, he tries to apply what is learned to concrete solutions for improving the world.

A 21st century Renaissance man with a passion for medieval sword fighting and lunar rovers, Jacob has a humanist's understanding of social policy coupled with an engineers' appreciation of practicality. He is passionate about sustainable building, renewable energy, and mobility.

That same passion is visible whether he is playing one of his four-string instruments (violin, bass guitar and self-built Electric upright bass), or building instruments and rabbit sheds.

Jacob has a Master degree in Industrial Ecology from Delft and Leiden Universities, and a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering.

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