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Jeroen Boon, ing.


Jeroen Boon




Urban Pollinator

Weakness: bad practices (always good for learning)
Enjoys: Strandbeesten.com art and science by Theo Janssen

Areas of expertise:

  • Project & process management
  • Sustainable area development
  • Urban agriculture
  • Multiple land use
  • Systems thinking
  • Community-based social change
  • Ability to act as change agent

Professional Titles & Liaisons:

  • Bachelor's degree in Infrastructure and Spatial planning (Velp, the Netherlands)
  • Bachelor's degree in Ecological landscape planning (Velp, the Netherlands)

Location: the Hague,
the Netherlands
email: Jeroen's email



As a society we have to learn to live in a complex world of interdependent systems with high uncertainties and multiple legitimate interests. These complex and evolving systems require a new way of thinking about risk, uncertainty, ambiguity and ignorance. These systems require that we can think simultaneously of drivers and impacts of our actions across scales and barriers of space, time, culture, species and disciplinary boundaries.

Jeroen is a great connector, networker, seeing fast connections and patterns, open minded, and enthusiastic person about learning for sustainability. If he starts talking about the importance of new knowledge arrangements; what means good cooperation between social entrepreneurs, researchers, educators and other stakeholders, he can’t stop.

His professional background strengthens Except on matters of participatory methods and community-based social change in neighbour-hoods en cities. In the past he has consulted for several environmental NGO’s with topics ranging from multiple landuse, interactive planning and educational programs about climate change and energy. His focus is always on the social dimension, to enable people to find their own solutions in the context of livable communities and sustainable area development. In his career he organized several conferences, taught workshops, published articles, and spoken as a expert.

Jeroen has two Bachelor degrees, one in Ecological Landscape Planning and one in Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, both from the Larenstein college. He also completed a threedays course Social Innovation in exciting times, about practice and theory in transitionmanagement, at the Wageningen Business School.

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