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Karin Nettebreiers


Karin Nettebreiers




Sustainability Developer

Weakness: good balanced food and wine
Enjoys: running, because of my weaknesses!

Areas of expertise:

  • Financial Services
  • Fashion Industry

Location: Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
email: Grey's email



Karin has a bachelor degree in the fashion industry (HTS voor confectie ‘mr. Koetsier’) and worked in this business for about 2 years, before switching to the financial services industry. For more than 15 years, she gained experience in retail-, private- as well as commercial banking.

Mostly Karin has been engaged in marketing, sales and business development positions in the Netherlands and Continental Europe. During her time with the bank she followed divers business courses (for example: IMD Lausanne, Prince 2 and NIMA). But she was getting devoted to developing and changing organizations by training and coaching its people to make customers happy.

Karin is at her best when she operates in the triangle of industrial innovations, business administration and corporate social responsibility. But always eager to find responsible growth and translate it into measurable results where clients or users are positioned in the centre.

Karin became serious addicted to sustainability when she experienced that next to making money to make the world go round, we also have to invest in the future of our earth. This became more and more an issue for her. First combining it with several roles within the bank, but at the end of 2010 she decided to leave this organisation. Since January 2011 she is (voluntary) involved as a coordinator of implementing sustainable schools in Rotterdam.

Karin likes to coach people and teams and make them aware of the changes/shifts which are ahead of us. She is a fanatic organizer and likes to spot opportunities and bring people together. Dividing in the end, will be multiplying.

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