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Luis Janeiro, MSc.


Luis Janeiro




Sustainability Consultant

Weakness: Smoked Salmon
Enjoys: Comedy (Stewart Lee, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Dave Allen, etc…)

Areas of expertise:

  • Sustainability Assessment and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Energy Supply/Renewable Energies/Energy Efficiency/Energy Policies
  • Steel Processing Industry
  • Quality and Environmental Standards

Location: Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
email: luis's email



Born and raised in northwest Spain, ‘where the pouring rain becomes art’; Luis is a rationalist, a critical thinker with deep-seeded analytic skills shaped in those long days of engineering school. His interests in sustainability issues include renewable energy technologies, energy and resources management, ecological economics, environmental ethics, and many others.

He has worked for over five years in the steel processing industry. There, he has undertaken tasks as diverse as implementing quality and environmental standards, designing food-processing machinery, or coordinating production and logistics at a multinational automotive supplier. More recently he has oriented his work to areas such as sustainability assessment methodologies or corporate social responsibility.

Luis holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from the University of Vigo, a diploma in Renewable Energies from the University of Santiago and an MSc in Sustainable Development from the University of Utrecht.

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