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Melinda Stylos-Allan, MBA


Melinda Stylos-Allan




Business Development and Strategy

Weakness: Carl Sagan
Enjoys: Urban homesteading and playing in the dirt

Areas of expertise:

  • Economic development
  • Food systems and urban agriculture
  • Business strategy
  • Metrics and evaluation
  • ublic health

Location: Boston, MA
email: melinda's email



Melinda is a strong believer in perception, craft, and interdisciplinary methods. She is proud to have avoided finding her silo, and has a diverse background including a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Psychology, four years in public health and a Master's degree in Business Administration. Most recently, she has worked with organizations ranging from a multimillion member labor union in India to a land-grant university in the United States, supporting rural farmers through farm management education.

Having seen that the challenges are also never siloed, Melinda has learned to keep asking questions, using her love of new ideas to ensure that the solutions are equally integrated. She strives to help businesses meet sustainable goals, socially, environmentally, and financially in order to generate lasting impact. Her focus over the last several years has been on urban agriculture as a driver of economic development, locally, regionally, and globally.

Passionate about her mandolin, blacksmithing, and various forms of art that have moved from practical craft to high art and back again, she cultivates an eye toward beauty and wonder.

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