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Natasja Jonckheere


Tom Bosschaert




Office Controller
Weakness: Red wine, Sudoku and Rummikub
Enjoys: Salsa and Tango dancing

Areas of expertise:

  • Spatial Design
  • Concept Development
  • Except's internal bird's eye view

Location: Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
email: ariana's email



Natasja feels comfortable in her role as 'spider in the web'; a Dutch
proverb indicating a role were one knows a bit about everything and have an overview of what is going on. That, probably, is why she finds many
different things fun and interesting.

Natasja studied Interior Architecture and Spatial Communication at the
Art-academy in Breda. During her studies, it became clear that she excels in concept development. With her desire for logical structures and processes in all projects, she separates the primary from the secondary issues, wich brings her a clear vision of the naked essence of the issue, without frills.

She enjoys exhibitions, were she
finds inspiration and perspectives that bring her new thoughts and

Travelling is her passion... meeting new people, adventure and new ways of thinking. She likes to know a bit about everyone, to make links between people or to put them in the right position. While enjoying a good meal and a glass of fine red wine she loves to talk about different perspectives on

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