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SiD Fundamentals for Integrated Sustainability Training

Service > From systemic theory to informed action in three days

The 3-day Symbiosis in Development (SiD) training has been our most popular program from the start. You will learn about the key principles of integrated sustainable development and how to apply the SiD approach in your organizational context.  The 2+1-day training is taught and facilitated in English by experienced senior advisors.

SiD is a unique and complete framework for integrated sustainable development. Practioners developed this approach to deliver meaningful results. Except brought it to the world and frontrunners in the field of systems thinking and sustainability have continuously refined the framework over the past two decades. In this training we offer you a unique methodology to hit the ground running and deliver extraordinary results whilst contributing to a more sustainable society.

If you'd like to talk about how this program can meet your learning goals, call Freek at  +31 30 307 5734 or training@except.nl.

Location & dates

  • March 12-13 &  20,   Utrecht  Community for Pioneers  (Except base camp)  
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In this training you will...

  • Master a toolbox and practice with concepts that support you in taking your organization to the next level
  • Become  part of a global network  of sustainability practitioners 
  • Get  an official SiD training certificate    from Except Integrated Sustainability

At the end of the training, you will have increased your capacity to...

  • Differentiate between object level and system level
  • Approach    sustainability oriented challenges through the lens of the SiD theory
  • Design interventions to further sustainability in line with the Symbiosis in Development process
  • Apply the SiD method to a case 
  • Utilize existing tools and processes 
  • Create organizational value in their pursuit to contribute to a more sustainable society

For who?

  • Business leaders
  • Project managers 
  • Concept developers
  • Freelance consultants
  • Action Researchers

Focus points

  1. How do I get more insight in the strategic position of my organization?
  2. What are leverage points to perform better on the short and long term, while at the same time function more sustainably?
  3. How do I involve my strategic partners, so that they commit themselves to my activities?
  4. How do I create sufficient intrinsic motivation and support with my employees?
  5. How do I apply new sustainable insights effectively both today and tomorrow?
  6. How do I achieve return on investments in sustainability?


Day 1

9.30 Start training

  • Introduction to systems thinking
  • The development of sustainability awareness throughout history
  • A high-level overview  of the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) theory
  • Group work: hands-on application of  the SiD theory to a fictitious case

17.30 End of training

Day 2

9.30 Start training

  • System dynamics in real life: experimenting with system dynamics
  • Goal setting and planning in complex systems
  • Managing projects in complex settings using the SiD Process
  • Team work: Application of the SiD Process to a fictitious case

17.30 End of training

Day 3 (one week later)

9.30 Start training

  • Recap and diving deeper: the SiD theory
  • Teamwork: Applying the methodology to a real case
    • Goal setting
    • Developing a systems understanding
    • Roadmapping
    • Presentation & peer review
    • Evaluation & Iteration
  • Guidance moving forward: how to stay on track

17.30 End of training


Participation fee: € 1.245,= ex VAT.

Including intake, training materials, refreshments, lunch, and the official Except SiD Fundamentals certificate.

To register for the training

  • Click   here  to register for March 

It is also possible to register directly by sending an email to training@except.nl

For other registrations or questions, contact us at training@except.nl.



Except Integrated Sustainability

Freek van der Pluijm
Facilitator for Organizational Change

Email  [javascript protected email address]
Phone   +31 10 7370215
“After attending the SiD training, we used the systems- and network- related concepts and tools to mindmap the relationships of all the different sustainability areas of interest. The exercise greatly helped the Government we were advising to set the right priorities, and make budgeting decisions for their sustainability program.   ”
-- Mark Bouman
Director at Urban Reality
“Ik ben heel erg tevreden met het werk van Except voor de Eneco Wind projecten. Ze werken heel goed samen gedurende het proces en maken uitstekend werk. ”
-- Jaap Bosch
Project Developer, Eneco Wind