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  Communication & Presentation

The success of good ideas and designs is intricately tied with the way they are communicated. Except has worked for a decade on making complex issues insightful, telling a story and setting a mood in order to reach the necessary people to make a project successful.

Our communication projects are often part of larger research and design projects. Except's multi-disciplinary approach allows researchers, designers and communication experts to work closely together. The result is integrated projects with matching solid research, exciting design and communication strategy that works.


Except works in various media, ranging from digital animation and 3D visualization to graphic design and soft-communication such as workshops, conferences and events.



Communication services:

  • Architectural Visualizations
  • Animations & Presentations
  • Video & Film
  • Diagrams & Illustrations
  • Artist Impressions
  • Photography
Marketing & Communication
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Creative concepts
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Graphic Design
  • Publications & Events



Greenprint Greenprint book
150 pages of sustainability examples in the built environment >>
Polydome Sustainable Agriculture System House of Energy book
Inspiration and reference book for energy neutral living >>
System Mapping Collection of System Maps
A variety of system maps and diagrams for sustainable development >>
Architecture visualizations Collection of Artist Impressions
An overview of different types of artists’ impressions and architectural visualisation >>
Panorama Photography Collection of Panorama Photos
An extensive collection of various kinds of panorama photography.
Chapel Thumbnail Industrial Photographs of
Series of photographs of abandoned industrial complexes in Germany>>
  Tutorials and guides:
LightWave 9.6 Radiosity Guide
  A comprehensive guide to the new radiosity processes in LW 9.6 >>
Virtual Darkroom Guide
  Using photo simulation techniques to achieve custom atmospheres with character >>
LightWave 9.x Anti Aliasing Guide
  Guide for understanding the new AA processes in LW 9.2 >>
Free Models, Scenes & Surfaces for LW
  A few nice scenes, objects and surfaces free to download and experiment with >>
LightWave To LightScape to LightWave
  Complete process to in and exporting from LW to LightScape >>