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  Consulting Services

Our main service is integrated consulting and innovation. By combining over 20 disciplines, we can advise businesses and governments on all aspects of sustainable development, from a strategic level down to design and implementation.

With this full-spectrum service we can develop tailored strategic pathways that evade typical pitfalls, while improving long term performance.

In addition, Except offers the following services:

Business Services:

  • Business Strategy Consulting
  • Innovation Management & Community Development
  • Industry & Sector Roadmapping

Sustainability Assessment:

  • Sustainability Audits
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Carbon Assessment, Carbon Neutral Services & Software
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Policy Analysis
  • Material Flow Assessment & Optimization

Sustainable Design Services:

  • Architecture, Urban Design & Planning
  • (Urban) Agriculture Design
  • Product Design
  • Ecosystem and Ecological Design

Communication Services:

  • Communication Strategy
  • Event management & Sustainability Workshops

Want to know more about our services, or have questions? Give us a call, we'll be glad to talk to you.



Overschie Overschie Inspiration book Sustainable Redevelopment
How to start renovating a neighborhood? Free book >>
Greenprint Greenprint book
150 pages of sustainability examples in the built environment >>
Polydome Sustainable Agriculture System House of Energy
Inspiration and reference book for energy neutral living >>
TUDelft BKCity Slim Architecture Refurbishment Sustainable Integrated BKCity Slim - University
Building Refurbishment
Refurbishing the 1920's architecture faculty of the TU Delft with unusual solutions>>
Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid
Calculating and developing a self-supporting and resilient community out of post-war social housing >>
The Dandelion Project Information Management

Dandelion - Web 3.0
Information Management

Creating sustainable transitions through smart information exchange >>
Rotterdam Collective RO-CO Rotterdam Collective RO-CO
Platform for collaboration on social and environmental issues in Rotterdam >>
Nederland CO2 Vrij in 2040 CO2040: The Netherlands
CO2 free in 2040?
Research of a national strategy for establishing a carbon neutral Netherlands in 2040 (dutch page) >>
Nederland CO2 Vrij in 2040 Maasterras Opportunities
for Sustainability
Strategy for development of the Maasterras area into an integral sustainable region >>
Nederland CO2 Vrij in 2040 Solar Updraft Tower
Variations Research
Investigating the potential of solar updraft renewable energy towers >>
Nederland CO2 Vrij in 2040 San Francisco Transbay
Terminal Competition
The largest ecological roof park in the world on top of a refurbished transport terminal in San Francisco >>
Service examples


Below are some examples of custom services developed for our clients.

Carbon Assessment and Carbon Neutral Services Carbon Assessment and Carbon Neutral Services
CO2 Footprint Calculation, Consultancy and Design >>
Carbon Assessment and Carbon Neutral Services Innovation Communities
Development of innovation communities and incubators for business, cities and entrepreneurs >>
Polydome Sustainable Agriculture System Polydome
Revolutionary high-yield sustainable agriculture systems for greenhouses >>
Converting existing buildings to sustainable buildings

Urban Green Scan

Mapping the opportunities for beneficial green in your city >>
Converting existing buildings to sustainable buildings

Building Conversion

Converting existing buildings to sustainable, manageable and afforable real estate >>
Growth Planning Groei Stedenbouw second generation Growth Planning 2,0
A new type of area development and urban design using growth planning as a strategy >>
Symbiosis in Design

Symbiosis in Design
Systainability Methodology

Making integrated sustainable development tangible, managable, workable and realistic >>
Symbiosis in Design

Integrated Sustainability

Comprehensive and engaging workshops for new directions in business and government >>
Nederland CO2 Vrij in 2040 Concept for a Sustainable
A look at how sustainability research can translate into practical applications for downtown Boston, MA >>
Artificial Light Guide Artificial Light Guide
Guide to artificial light sources, quality, technology and energy use >>
sa Methods for Urban Traffic Reduction
  A guide to effective transportation solutions for urban development >>

sa Pedestrianization Tools Survey
  Survey of tools applicable for successful pedestrianization of city centers >>

Nederland CO2 Vrij in 2040 Triple/Double Glazing Energy
& Cost Study
Using computer analysis, LCA's and cost calculations to weigh triple glazing >>
sa Large Scale Urban Agriculture Essay
  Investigation of Urban Agriculture on different scales and Vertical Farms >>

sa Wormfood World News Digest
  A bi-weekly digest of the world's most pivotal news- right in your inbox >>

  Use Cases

The range of questions that clients ask us is very broad, but some of the more common ones include:

  • How sustainable is our company? product? building? neighborhood? policy? How do we measure and communicate that? What’s the impact difference between product A and product B? How do we make it more sustainable? How can we make that profitable?
  • Where is our sector heading? What policies and global changes do we need to be aware of that will affect us in the future? How do we draw up a strategy to move in the right direction?
  • How can we develop our business / governmental policies in a truly sustainable way? How do we move beyond mere eco-efficiency to capitalize on the beneficial and financially rewarding aspects of sustainability?
  • Can you find a sustainable solution for our problem? Can you design us a tool, product, building, transportation system that does ‘x’ sustainably?

With our international team of partners and experts, we are able to answer all of these questions from start to finish - from the research phase through design, communication, and execution. We apply our systems-analysis method Symbiosis in Development (SiD) to enable fast and thorough development, while being able to detect potential pitfalls.

From analysis to design
The designers in our design and development department materialize our strategies. Because of our integrated team structure, development from concept to execution is fast and thorough. Finally, our communication and presentation department creates engaging strategies for communicating and implementing the solutions.


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