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Trias Architectura

1. Dematerialize building need

Eliminate the need for construction through service-design, re-organization and other sustainable dematerialization solutions

2. Re-use existing building stock

Use existing buildings and materials to fill needs rather than using new construction, and upgreade them to zero-impact status.

3. Zero-impact new construction

For critical functions that require new-build, construct zero-impact only, decentralized and autonomous.

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  Symbiosis in Development (SiD): Trias Architectura

Trias Architectura

Based on the Trias Ecologica, the Trias Architectura is a conceptual tool for determining the course of action when a need for space arises.

The Trias Architectura aims at creating sustainable building stock. It clearly prioritizes the necessity to reduce new construction, re-use existing building stock, and if new construction is necessary, it requires that construction to be zero-impact. a smarter approach to using the built environment.



The Trias Architectura acknowledges that space on our planet is finite, and that we need to share our built environment with natural systems, many of which are currently in decline. The tool puts the relationship between the need for new space and the act of building new structures into a new, sustainability-oriented context. New construction is often not necessary if we only re-frame the clients' needs.


Applying the Trias Architectura allows governments and corporations to save large amounts of financial and environmental resources by restating their needs in the form of the outcome that they desire rather than assuming the necessity of construction.

The Trias Architectura is part of the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) methodology for sustainable development.