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sustainable project development, sustainability research, ecological architecture, green architecture, green development, integrated development, integrated design, urban agriculture, people planet profit architecture, Symbiosis in Design, sustainable community design, environmental consultancy, design consultancy.

Systems design, life cycle analysis, GIS (Geographical Information systems), urban planning, sustainable urban planning, innovative sustainable architecture.

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Except is able to work on integrated projects using knowledge from a wide variety of fields. This is in part due to Except's tight cooperation with several key partners, listed below.


Except is a member of the following professional organizations:



Except's work would not have been possible without its visionary clients. Below a small selection.


Logo TU Delft
Technical University Delft
  Except works with the TU Delft on advanced solutions for the built environment, biomimicry and other research.
Logo Atelier Ten
Atelier Ten - Environmental Engineers (UK)
  Atelier 10 is an experienced and progressive environmental engineering firm. They cooperate with Except on project in the built environment from concept to execution.

Posad Logo
POSAD Strategic Urban Planning (NL)

POSAD develops strategic solutions for the built environment. Except works with POSAD on visionary projects.
Search BV Engineering (NL)
  Search is a multidisciplinary engineering firm working with Except on engineering projects in the Netherlands.

Transsolar Climate Engineering (DE/USA)
  Transsolar is a climate engineering firm from Germany excelling in progressive and inventive solutions for the built environment.
InnovationNetwork (NL)
  Research and Development institute for progressive agricultural solutions. Except works with InnovationNetwork on various urban agriculture projects.
De Zwarte Hond Architects (NL)
  Sizeable architecture firm in the Netherlands with a portfolio of quality built work. Except works with de Zwarte Hond on applied sustainability in Architecture.
RAU Architects (NL)
  Progressive architecture firm led by Thomas Rau, known for their continuing dedication to sustainable building.
Shinsekai Analysis (NL)
  Economical, Cultural and Spatial analysis and and research, with a focus on retail and transport oriented solutions.
Three O Studio (USA)
  Progressive architecture firm in the USA.


Dutch Green Building Council
  The DGBC regulates the BREEAM-NL environmetal assessment method for buildings.

Association of Environmental Professionals (VVM)
  The VVM is a multi-disciplinary member organization for environmental professionals.

KEI Urban Knowledge Institute
  KEI stimulates and catalogs urban renewal projects, firms and initiatives.



Governments & Institutions:
Yale University (USA)
US State Government of Hawaii (USA)
Delft University of Technology (NL)
Ministery of Housing, Spatial Ordinance and the Environment (NL)
Green Electronics Council
Province of Groningen (NL)
City Council of Dordrecht (NL)
City Council of Schiedam (NL)
Rijksgebouwendienst (NL)
Vestia Housing Corporation (NL)
Stadgenoot Housing Corporation (NL)

Private companies:
Seventh Generation (USA)
Cognis - BASF (DE)
Evelop (NL)
Porter Davis Project Development (AU)
Maasstede Project Development (NL)
Nijenstee Project Development (NL)
Property West Development (AU)
Spring Associates (NL)

Architecture & Planning firms:
DeZwarteHond Architects (NL)
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects (USA)
Woods Bagot Architects (AU)
Kees Christiaanse (KCAP, NL)
XX Architecten / Ouke Post (NL)
Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architects (NL)
Arup Lighting (NL)
Stoe Living (USA)