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sustainable project development, sustainability research, ecological architecture, green architecture, green development, integrated development, integrated design, urban agriculture, people planet profit architecture, Symbiosis in Design, sustainable community design, environmental consultancy, design consultancy.

Systems design, life cycle analysis, GIS (Geographical Information systems), urban planning, sustainable urban planning, innovative sustainable architecture.

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  Environmental Policy & CSR

We strongly commit to the six Except CSR principles stated below. The sum of our individual actions can, and should, add up to greater societal transformations. We commit to a sustainable society in our work and our actions. That is why, despite being a small company and not causing much environmental impact through our normal operations, we do everything we can to bring that impact as close as possible to zero. This commitment extends into our personal lives.

Our office setup is consistent with this philosophy. As of January of 2010, Except's office is co-located with the Rotterdam Collective (Ro-Co), a collaborative workspace co-developed by Except together with Sparpweed. The members of Ro-Co jointly renovated an entire floor of the office building we occupy using the eco-friendliest


materials available. Within Ro-Co, Except's own office is entirely outfitted in furniture made of waste wood and other scrap materials, uses LED lights exclusively, is naturally ventilated and has many plants with a wide variety.

We also hold our partners to high standards and choose to work with companies that prioritize responsible behavior with regards to both people and the environment.

The principles below translate much of our ambition into a clear and communicable format. We strive to improve these commitments in an ongoing process.

We've also outlined several global priorities, that are part of our environmental and social approach.

  the Except Principles

a Sustainable Future

We commit to socially and environmentally sustainable practices.

  1. We commit to finding, developing and executing exemplary sustainable projects that go beyond simple material and energy efficiency.

  2. We have shared facilities and resources; we avoid overcapacity in our equipment; we have a preference for super-used, reused, or recycled materials; we only travel when necessary and preferably by human power or public transport; we use efficient lighting and appliances; we avoid disposable products; we use non-toxic and ecological materials; we buy fair trade products; we recycle; our official events are vegetarian and smoke-free; and we grow lots of plants.

  3. On a deeper level, we understand and apply Life Cycle Thinking; we use peer-reviewed data in our sustainability decision making; we support ecological economics; and we “offset” our carbon by direct action rather than through shady financial mechanisms.


Long-Term & Multi-Scale

We think globally and long term, but act locally and in the present.

  1. Though we focus on our local community, we keep in mind the consequences our actions might have on other parts of the world or at some point in the future.

  2. We search for new balances between centralized and decentralized systems, and to help decomplexify society to become a more efficient and streamlined system.

  3. We seek solutions that prevent war, harm & suffering locally, globally, in the short term and in the forseeable future

Beyond Profit

We believe in creating value rather than just profit.

  1. We don’t believe that profit is an end in itself. Our actions recognize the existence of other values: cultural, aesthetic, historical, personal experience, quality of life, and the intrinsic value of ecosystems and species.

  2. We are 100% privately owned, without any financial profit interests from 3rd parties.

  3. We address wrongdoings and crimes against humanity or the environment directly and without reserve, regardless of their financial consequences.

  4. We only work using the best methods, tools and knowledge available to us. We do not compromise on environmental goals and quality.


Networked & Open Source

We support freedom of information and knowledge.

  1. We support Open Source technologies, creative commons licensing, and general freedom of knowledge and information

  2. We are committed to supporting a free and open flow of knowledge. We use open source software and non-proprietary technologies whenever available. We share the fruits of our work with others.

  3. Our work is published under Creative Commons licensing whenever possible.


We work collaboratively and across disciplines

  1. We never approach projects from the perspective of a single discipline: there are always hidden insights in the wide-angle view.

  2. We collaborate actively, with colleagues, partners, clients and stakeholders, both horizontally and vertically through chains.


Freedom & responsibility

We believe mankind is best when acting freely and responsibly.

  1. We feel that a sustainable society is one where people take responsibility for their actions. We actively establish the balance between responsibility and freedom in our projects and work.

  2. This extends to everyone that works with Except. We offer every individual the choice between working independently or as an employee. We believe people that have taken their freedom exhibit the highest form of the responsibility. Within this framework, each individual can shape their own future and position within the company.