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sustainable project development, sustainability research, ecological architecture, green architecture, green development, integrated development, integrated design, urban agriculture, people planet profit architecture, Symbiosis in Design, sustainable community design, environmental consultancy, design consultancy.

Systems design, life cycle analysis, GIS (Geographical Information systems), urban planning, sustainable urban planning, innovative sustainable architecture.

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Kansenkaart Functioneel Groen Roosendaal
Tom Bosschaert, Nels Nelson,
December 2010

Functional Green Opportunity map, a result of the urban green scan, for the city of Roosendaal. In Dutch.

pdf - 8.1 mb (Dutch)

Article: Van volgland naar Gidsland
Tom Bosschaert, Harry te Riele,
December 2009

Concerning the long-term goals and strategies for the Netherlands as a sustainable country. A dense article scanning various subjects written for Milieu Magazine in response to the Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP).

pdf - 2.3 mb (Dutch)

Article: Large Scale Urban Agriculture
Tom Bosschaert, September 2008

A review of various urban agriculture scales and the urban possibilities of intensive commercialized urban farming practices using vertical farms.

online (English)


Book: Sustainable Urban Redevelopment of Schiebriek-Zuid
Except Team, August 2010

A comprehensive guide for redeveloping post war social housing typologies, consisting of both a vision document for Schiebroek-Zuid and a detailed ingredientbook. Project page here.

Project Brochure (PDF, English)
Visionbook PDF (Dutch), 10mb

Ingredientbook PDF (Dutch), 21mb

Article: Urban Transport Reduction: a method
Tom Bosschaert, May 2008

A methodological approach for urban transport reduction for planners, policy makers and traffic engineers.

online (English)

Article: Pedestrianization Tools Survey
Tom Bosschaert, July 2008

A short survey on various tools for the succesfull pedestrianization of urban centers, focusing on examples from Stockholm.

online (English)

Study: Triple Glazing - Costs and Benefits
Cost/Benefit analysis of a number of glazing types using a quick-scan numerical computer model approach.
pdf - 2.3 mb (Dutch)
pdf - 2.3 mb (English)

The below brochures give an overview of Except's work in PDF form. They are provided in web-resolution. For print-resolution brochures, please contact us.

Polydome Sustainable Agriculture:
Project Website
Project Brochure (PDF, English)
Project Book (PDF, 24mb, English)

Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid:
Project website
Project Brochure (PDF, English)

Download Project Booklet (English, 7mb)